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Electric Heaters

>>Flexible heating Jacket with insulation

>>Film Heaters (Polyimide Heaters)

>>Silicone Rubber Heaters

>>Flexible Heating Cloth

>>Flexible Ceramic Heaters

>>Mica Heaters

>>Ceramic Fiber Heaters

>>Heating Enclosures

>>The Electric Heating System in Industry and Lab Furnaces

>>Electric Heating tapes and ropes

Thermal Insulation, Fireproofing 

>>Super Insulation Materials

>>Vacuum Formed Products of Ceramic Fiber

>>Clean and Water-proofing Thermal Insulations

>>Removable Thermal Insulation Jackets

>>Ceramic Fiber Insulation Coating for Repairing & Shaping

>>High temperature Expansible Products

>>Ceramic Fiber Wet Felt

>>Welding Blankets, Stress Relieving Mats and Curtains

>>Microfiber Insulation felts

>>Removable Fireproofing Jacket

>>High Temperature Resistant Sleevings for Insulation

Materials of Vacuum Insulation 

>>Insulation fillers for vacuum space

>>Micro fiber blankets

>>Reflective layer for MLI

>>Spacer for MLI

Acoustic Products

>>Flexible Acoustic Blanket

>>Flexible Removable Acoustic Jackets covers

>>Fiber-sprayed Acoustic Products

>>Acoustic Enclosures

Fiber Spray-applied Products 


>>Ceramic Fiber Sprayed Linings

>>Mineral wool Sprayed Products for insulation & fireproofing

>>Cellulose Fiber Sprayed Products for Sound Absorbing & Decorating

>>Composite Binders for Fiber Spraying

>>Anchoring Pins for Linings of Furnace

>>Fiber Spraying Machine

Exterior Insulation and Finish System 

>>The Features of EIFS

>>EPS shaping machine

>>Exterior Wall Decorating Pieces

Ceramic Fiber Logs for Fireplaces 

>>Ceramic Fiber Logs for Fireplaces

Fabric Expansion Joint and Insulation Pipes 

>>Fabric Expansion Joints

>>Insulation-lined Ducts

>>Self-supported Insulation Ducts

High temperature resistant threads 

>>High temperature resistant threads

High Temperature Resistant Fabrics 

>>High Temperature Resistant Fabrics

Electric Hot Melt Slips for Easy-binding

 >>Hot Melt Adhesive Slips for "Easy-binding"


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