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Modular Barrel Insulation Jackets are specifically designed for improving the rigors of the molding shop environment. Thermal insulation jackets for injection molding barrel reduces energy costs and shorten start-up time between jobs by directing heat back into your injection barrels. obviously, at same time it reduces the ambient temperature in your facility, so you pay less for equipment operation and air conditioning in plastic molder and/or extruder's shops

Benefits Include:

1) Reduced power costs (efficiency of insulation allows up to 20% de-rating of heater bands). Faster start-up.

2) Prevents burns to personnel by drastically reducing the temperatures of exposed surfaces,

3) Early payback of capital invested (normally below 1 year)

4) Reduction in ambient temperature of the workplace crucial in the warm summer months.

5) Tailored fit to individual machines allows for easy removal for maintenance. ( Individual jackets are clearly marked with machine No. and position No.)

6) Wipe clean non stick surface prevents plastic spill from damaging jackets.

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