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Heating Blankets for drum, pail, gas bottle & IBC tote tank

The heating jackets mainly consist of heating mid-layer and its facing cloth and its lining fabric, a thermal insulation layer between heating layer and facing cloth, and /or a good heat-conductive film can be inserted between lining cloth and heating layer for a better uniform temperature-distributed on lining layer.

The thermostat (including adjustable or un-adjustable) of the heating blanket can be attached on its surface based on the request of customer.  

The belts, Velcro tapes, hook and lacing etc. are available for its fastening way.

 Our heating blankets are divided into three types, according to their service temperatures:

1)    Regular heating blanket with service temperature less than 200;

2)    Mid-temperature heating blanket with service temperature less than 350;

3)    High temperature heating blanket with service temperature larger than 350;

Typical application:

1)    Surface heating of various containers, drums, pails, buckets, and gas bottle & IBC tote tank;

2)    Used as composite heat curing blankets in composite processing to speed up the curing of composite, such as GRE composite, the leading and trailing tip of wind turbine blades etc. Also used as repairing FRP products.

3)  Used as concrete curing blankets to maintain the ideal temperature range for concrete’s better strength in bad weather.


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