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Mica Heaters



The mica heaters consist of an etched foil element sandwiched between layers of mica by the binder of excellent thermal-resistance. The heater, with fast warmup, high watt density, uniform heating and good Dielectric strength, is fairly rigid and very thin and must be securely and uniformly clamped from both sides for support and good heat transfer during operation.


Our mica heaters is characterized by the following features:

(1) The operating temperature range: -150 to 600°C;

(2) Watt density: Max. 17W/cm2;

(3) Dielectric strength: minimum 1000V;

(4) The thickness of product:0.25mm;

(5) Suitable for vacuum use after organic binder is burned off in initial power-up;


(1) Heating a glass / ceramic surface;

(2) Semiconductor industry: wafer processing equipment;

(3) High temperature platens for laminating presses and Plastics and rubber molding supplemental heat;

(4) Food service appliances;

(5)  Chemical and Medical instruments, such as DNA analysis.

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