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    Thermal Jacket for exhausting system

Beta Thermal Insulation Materials Co. Ltd. has developed a range of custom-made removable insulation systems suitable for enclosing exhaust systems on engines such as mufflers, exhaust manifolds, turbo-chargers, and exhausting pipes etc.  With reusable thermal insulation jackets, thermal radiation and convection within the engine room and sound reduction are reduced obviously. So our products are often used for marine power plants & generators, stationary backup and mobile (locomotive and ship) power systems from regular gasoline combusted engine to diesel or natural gas.
The main aim of removable insulation covers is to:

  • Reduce heat dissipated into plant rooms or engine compartments.

  • Protect personnel from hot surfaces.

  • Reduce noise emissions.

  • Contain heat within exhaust units to be utilized by heat recovery systems.

The materials employed vary with the duty required. the temperature range is from 300C to 1200C

 All exhaust covers are sewn with high temperature thread and fastening systems may be brass hooks, belts and D buckles or flame retardant Velcro. Additionally protection to very high temperatures and abrasion may be provided by an additional inner facing of stainless knitted mesh.

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