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Removable Thermal Insulation Jackets    

Our company specializes in the design, specification, manufacture and installation of both custom and standard designed removable, reusable insulation blankets, and also has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of reusable insulation systems.

With excellent thermal insulation and easy installation, the flexible removable, detachable and reusable insulation systems are to provide the user with a cost efficient means to insulate frequently maintained equipment in the plant. Our removable insulation covers can be used for a wide variety of high temperature; low temperature; and sound suppression applications in energy conservation(energy-savings), personnel protection, freeze protection and noise protection, also offer increased efficiency, lower engine compartment/ room temperature, and protection to electrical components/ personnel. They can save you time and expense wherever insulated equipment needs access for operation, inspection or maintenance.
The removable thermal insulation jackets (covers) can be fabricated many different ways depending on the materials used, the application and the customers' requirements. Usually, The removable thermal insulation jacket consists of surface layer, insulation layer, and liner and/or anti-abrasion layer inside. Weather barrier will be used as its outside surface when it is exposed to the weather. Seams are sewn with high temperature threads, usually with Kevlar TM, PTFE coated glass fiber or stainless steel thread to suit application. We can also offer specialized threads including Quartz and continuous filament ceramic for resistance to extremes of temperature. 

All insulation covers are secured with:
a). Hooks and back plates (brass, nickel or stainless steel). 
b). Velcro TM hook and loop strip.
C). Laces and Eyelets
d). D Buckles and Belts.
e). Other securement is also available upon request.

        The service temperature depend upon the different materials used, the highest temperature is 1200(C).  

Typical applications are including:
        Steam turbines, gas turbines (as turbine blankets) and compressors
        Exhaust systems of engines, Generators
        Heat exchangers, Man ways
        Extruders, Strainers, Filters
        Pumps, Valves & Flanges
        Expansion Joints, Flex Hose
        Tank Covers
       Feed water heater heads
       Please tell us your requirements, with your drawings and dimensions, we can provide you well-fitted in insulation covers for your parts and equipment.

 Detail Information and Special Requirement ,Contact us please!

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