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As an expert in electric heating & thermal insulations & acoustical fields, our company  specializes in developing and manufacturing electric heating, thermal insulations and  acoustic products. We can provide you with not only products of proven high quality, but  high service and expert technical assistance.

Briefly, our products is  characterized  with  five words of "Thin, Flexible, Light, Specific, Multiplex", such as silicone rubber heater, film heater (Kapton heater, PET heater etc), removable heating jacket, heating blankets, drum heaters, pail  heater, tote tank / intermediate bulk container  heaters, IBC container heaters, reusable thermal insulation jackets, thermal covers for exhausting system and injection & molding barrel, removable fire-proofing jackets, super insulation products and so on.

With our series products, we have the  engineering capabilities to design any type of heating system that your company or client  might require. With a good reputation, our product has been used in many key national  science & technology projects, such as HIRFL-CSR project etc.  If you have special requirements in the fields, please email or contact us, we'll give you a whole & satisfying solution. Each and every inquiry and contract is given personal attention no matter the size or value. We always value our clients and the confidence built over the years will always be maintained. 

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(*Notes: Kapton is trademark of polyimide film of DuPont)

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