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Our Customers:

  1. The Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

  2. Peking Science Instruments Center ,Chinese Academy of Sciences

  3. Shenyang Science Instruments Center ,Chinese Academy of Sciences

  4. Shanghai Institute of Ceramics ,Chinese Academy of Sciences

  5. Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics ,Chinese Academy of Sciences

  6. Chinese Academy of Space Technology(CAST), No.510, No.511, No.703, No. 811  

  7. Ministry of Ordnance Industry ,No. 53

  8. Kunming Institute of physics ,Ministry of Ordnance Industry

  9. Ministry of astronautics ,No 618

  10. Ministry of astronautics-Chenguang Machinery Plant In Nanjing

  11. ZTE Corporation

  12. Peking University

  13. Tsinghua University

  14. The Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP), CAS

  15. University of Science and Technology of China--National Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory

  16. China Aviation Gas Turbine Co.,Ltd

  17. Long March Launch Vehicle Technology Ltd.Co

  18. Guangdong Maoming Petrochemical Corporation of Sinopec

  19. Naning Yangzi Petrochemical Corporation of Sinopec

  20. Jiujiang Petrochemical General Ltd.Co

  21. Anqing Petrochemical General Ltd.Co

  22. The National Laboratory for Superconductivity (NLSC) at the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)

  23. China Electronics Technology Croup Corporation(CETC), No.11, No.18, No.29, No.41, No.45 

  24. Russia Novosibirsk Nuclear Institute

  25. CERN--LHC project

  26. Kanken Techno Co.,Ltd.

  27. Motorola(Tianjin)

  28. GE, Shanghai

  29. VG Scienta Holdings AB

  30. YAMAHA, Hangzhou

  31. SullairAsia


  33. Smith Fibercast

Yixing Beta Thermal Insulation Materials Inc