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Flexible Heating Jackets with thermal insulation

         柔性隔热套-规管校准  柔性隔热套-钛升华泵测试套








The Heated jackets (or blankets), flexible removable and reusable heating covers with integrally installed heating elements and thermal insulation mid-layer, can provide more uniform heating and eliminate cold spots. 

Service Temperature of our products: 
        750(C) (Max) For being made of quart fiber material;
        470(C) (Max) For being made of silica fiber material; 

        300(C) (Max) For being made of E fiberglass material;
        200(C) (Max) For being made of silicone rubber and its foam
        150(C) (Max) For Kapton® film covers
        Watts Density: 1
~ 8 kW/m2.
    For clean room compatibility is available on request.

    In generally, they are custom-designed for each application to provide optimum fit, efficient heating and insulation, with delivering necessary drawings to us. Their typical applications are including:

(1) In semiconductor process, the heating jackets provide heating on gas transfer lines (gas delivery lines) and exhaust lines of Tungsten CVD, Titanium Nitride, Aluminum metal etch, LPCVD, TEOS LPCVD etc, which is necessary to reduce semiconductor process byproducts and improve quality of semiconductors. Reduced byproducts mean reduced downtime, increased throughput, and improved efficiency.

(2) In High Energy Physics, the heating jackets can be used for bake out for particle accelerator rings (including synchrotron light sources, protons, collider, light and heavy ions, stretcher ring/continuous beam facilities etc.), vacuum systems such as pipes, valves, vessels, etc.

(3) Also, heating Jackets can widely used for ultra high vacuum systems (UHV system) such as vacuum chambers, plasma processes, scientific instrumentation, FPD processes, Cryo-regeneration, composite bonding and repair, Deionized water lines, mold pre-heating, post weld treat, pre weld heating, hopper heating, viscosity control and pumps.

Detail Information and Special Requirement ,Contact us please!

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