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     Flexible Heating Cloth

The key characteristic of flexible heating cloth is thin in its thickness. With high efficiency and good heat-distribution, heating cloth is mainly manufactured for individual applications, which is made from various materials to meet users'requirements and its service temperature. 

Service Temperature of our products
    750(ºC) (Max) For being made of quart fiber material;
    470(ºC) (Max) For being made of silica fiber material; 
    300(ºC) (Max) For being made of E fiberglass material;
    250(ºC) (Max) For being made of silicone rubber or PTEF (moisture-proof) 
    250(ºC) (Max) For Kapton® film covers
         Watts Density: 1
~ 8 kW/m2.
         Thickness: < 3 mm 

For special specifications are available on request.  Tailor-made heating cloth jackets make installation more easy and eliminate the need to wait for custom engineered heating jackets.

Its application fields:
    (1) Semiconductor process
    (2) Diffusion furnaces
    (3) Vacuum Chambers and UHV system
    (4) Valves, Blowers, Hoppers, Drums, Tanks and Containers
    (5) Heating parabolic aerials to prevent the formation of snow and ice and keep the operation of the antennas trouble-free.

               Detail Information and Special Requirement ,Contact us please!

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