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Our film heater is made from etched foil element as its middle layer and polyamide film (Kapton film), polyester(PET film) film, PTFE film (Teflon film) as its insulated surfaces. The film heaters are able to operate at very high watt densities, this is due to the large surface area covered by the foil circuit. The flat foil circuit also gives excellent uniformity and faster heat transfer resulting in longer heater life in high power applications. Also the excellent circuit pattern allows the design of complex heat distribution patterns and an exceptionally uniform heat output with different watt densities within the heater area.

Polyamide film is thin lightweight organic polymer, which provides high dielectric strength, excellent tensile strength, tear resistance and dimensional stability, is an ideal material for applications requiring low outgassing or resistance to radiation, chemicals and solvents. Its operating temperature range is from -195 to +270.

Polyester film is low cost alternative to polyamide. Polyester is suitable for low temperature applications up to 120.

For simple installation, the pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) is available as an option on film heaters for operating temperature <150.  For operating temperature>150,the heaters can be mounted on site by RTV silicone rubber adhesive or epoxy adhesive, also mechanically clamped.

Our film heaters are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and wattages.


Operating Temperature Range: -200 °C to 260°C for Polyimide Heaters type;  Maximum operating temperature for heaters with pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) is 120°C; Maximum operating temperature for PET heaters is 120 °C

Maximum Thickness: 0.25mm except at lead wire exit.

Maximum Watt: 8 W/cm2.

Leads: Teflon insulated cables (wire gauge varies with heater)

Dielectric Strength: 1250 V.

Minimum Bending Radius: 0.8mm.

Weight loss (outgassing): 0.51%


      Semiconductor wafer processing.

      Military, Satellites or other spacecraft where low outgassing properties are required.

      Medical, Instruments, Laboratory research where exact uniform heating, different watt densities and thorough     cleaning or sterilization is needed.

      Optical and Photographic equipment.

      LCD display and Computer equipment.

      Heating of electronic components.

      Packaging, fusing, and splicing equipment.

    *Notes: Kapton and Teflon is trademark of polyimide film and PTFE of DuPont

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