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    This product consists of ceramic fiber and uniformly distributed colloidal silica. 

    (1) Non-self sticking and can be joined by mortar
    (2) Drying time: 24 Hr. ~ 48 Hr. 
    (3) Maintaining wet shape after drying
    (4) Bulk density: about 280 Kg/m3.
    (5) Service Temperature: 1750(C) (Max). Depending on the ceramic fiber used.
    (6) Thickness (mm): 3, 5, 6, 9, 12, 18, 20, 25

Custom specifications are available upon request.

    (1) Wrapping exhaust manifolds in marine engines
    (2) Wrapping fuel injector nozzles in solid fuel fired kilns
    (3) Lining combustion duct work in incinerators and boilers
    (4) Lining hot tuyers in upcomers of blast furnaces
    (5) Hand packed to protect the anchor of an element hanger module.
    (6) Repairing damaged insulation linings.


    The product is encapsulated in plastic bags .

 Detail Information and Special Requirement ,Contact us please!

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